Sensor Switch

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Sensor Switch

Sensor Switch

Ecopoint’s advanced Sensor Switch is a cost effective, energy saving upgrade solution. Ideal for use where lighting is often left on even though the room is unoccupied. Designed to replace a standard light switch, the Sensor Switch (PIR sensor) detects motion/body heat plus sound and ambient light levels, ensuring lighting and connected equipment only operates when the room is occupied. Voltless Dry Contacts also allow switching of heat pumps, security equipment etc., a unique feature that sets Ecopoint’s Sensor Switch apart from other options on the market.

Once the primary PIR sensor is activated by movement or body heat, the lights and connected equipment will operate for the predetermined time before automatically switching off . If the PIR sensor detects further motion or the secondary sound sensor detects noise, the timer resets ensuring no one is left sitting in a dark room. Operating time and ambient light level settings are user configurable and easily changed. If the ambient light level sensor is enabled, lights will not switch on if adequate light levels are detected. The sound detection and/or ambient light sensors can be disabled plus the switch can be manually over-ridden, allowing it to be used as a standard switch if required.


Office, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Warehousing, Retail, Healthcare


Power Factor:
Electrical Input:
230V AC / 50 Hz


1 years
Standard Mounting:
Ingress Protection:
PRODUCT CODE DIMENSION (mm) POWER Luminous Flux Optic/Beam Colour Temperature Colour Rending Index
ESSDFF3S 117 x 75 x 50 mm - - - - -

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