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OEM Development

Ecopoint works alongside Original Equipment Manufacturers to develop bespoke lighting and refrigeration solutions.

Ecopoint has specialized in lighting the refrigeration sector since 2008. LED in refrigeration enhances the contents and has proven to be low maintenance, with low operating temperatures, and increased sales. With extensive experience working alongside big brands in the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) market, Ecopoint has strong capabilities in developing bespoke refrigeration lighting solutions.


We have long-standing relationships with OEM manufacturers in Thailand, Indonesia, Italy, China and Australia, including Haier, EPTA, IARP and Skope. These manufacturers supply customised refrigeration solutions to some of the world's largest retail brands including Cola Cola, Red Bull, Schweppes and Pepsi. Ecopoint has also been involved in the roll-out of refrigeration lighting to more than 35 supermarkets in New Zealand.


We have a solution for every type of refrigeration unit, including tubes, shelf lighting and one off bespoke designs. We work closely with both the manufacturer and the end user for a mutually beneficial outcome. For specific project requirements, and to discuss your needs, please get in touch with Paul Wilton, our refrigeration specialist: