Using in-house expertise, Ecopoint provides a full suite of services to support our LED products.

What do we do?

At Ecopoint, we work with our clients projects to install LED lighting to reduce energy costs, save on maintenance and create a lower carbon footprint. We provide a range of services to support our products, tailored to the needs of our clients.  Ecopoint can assist with assessing lighting requirements, developing fit-for-purpose solutions which minimise total cost of ownership, and building business cases for investment.

Every Ecopoint solution is backed by a team of dedicated lighting enthusiasts, who can assist with lighting designs and product selections for your specific project and application. If you need a business case, or financial analysis, we can help you with that as well.


Key Capabilities

1. Lighting Solutions

Our major product lines can be found here. Contact Ecopoint for further information including quotes and samples. 


2. Lighting Design

For clients requiring lighting design, Ecopoint technicians can provides a lighting design service to ensure our solutions will meet our client’s lighting requirements. Find out more.


3. Financial Analysis

Ecopoint's Lighting Investment Model takes into account client lighting requirements and the operational profile of their business to recommend a suitable LED lighting solution and provide a payback analysis to support the investment. Find out more


4. OEM Development 

Ecopoint can work alongside Original Equipment Manufacturers to develop bespoke LED lighting solutions. Find out more.


How can we help?

Please contact Ecopoint if you require any further information or guidance regarding lighting technologies, design processes and compliance.