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Lighting Investment Model

Ecopoint can support your proposed investment in LED lighting with a Lighting Investment Model that provides financials for your business case.

Ecopoint's Lighting Investment Model

Ecopoint's Lighting Investment Model will estimate indicative financial results from your investment in LED lighting, which can be used to support a business case for an LED lighting upgrade. The results are based on site-specific data, supplied by the client, or obtained by Ecopoint technicians, plus informed estimates where necessary.


The Lighting Investment Model takes into account the various spaces on site, the operating schedule (hours/days/weeks), the current electricity tariff and existing lighting to build a picture of the current lighting situation. The proposed lighting solution is then overlaid to understand how the new system will reduce lighting load, lighting consumption and annual operating costs. 


Finally, the Lighting Investment Model will provide a summary of investment details, including estimated operating costs, estimated capital costs and estimated investment and payback time. Perfect for inclusion in your business case.


Our Ecopoint technicians will be happy to review your lighting requirements, recommend a suitable solution and provide a payback analysis to support your investment.


If you require investment support, independent company Energy Ease can work with you to determine a payment plan. Find out more.

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