Lighting Design

Ecopoint provides a lighting design service to tailor our solutions to our client’s lighting requirements.

What is good lighting design?

The most effective and efficient lighting system puts the right amount of the right type of light in the right place at the right time.

Good lighting design therefore focuses on the particular requirements of every application - specific to the uses and users of a space. While sometimes confusing and even boring, factors like space geometry, daylight, target illuminance (horizontal and vertical), surface reflectance, lighting uniformity, colour spectrum and glare are all important considerations. Some of these factors will be defined by standards or legislative requirements, while others will be determined by client requirements. With all these factors considered, the lighting designer configures a tailored solution, leveraging product performance (flux, colour properties, optics etc.) and design decisions (positioning, aiming, controls etc.) to achieve the desired end result.

A lighting design will document the lighting outcomes, the recommended products and the lighting layout (luminaire locations and mounting details). This provides a quick and clear reference during budgeting, consenting (where applicable) and construction/installation.


Ecopoint's Capabilities

For clients requiring lighting design as well as LED lighting products, Ecopoint has a team of in-house technicians who can work with you to supply comprehensive lighting plans using our full suite of products to meet any commercial and industrial lighting project requirements. 

Ecopoint lighting design includes: 

1. An accurately scaled 3D model of the space with all relevant task areas and building features included to ensure accurate calculations.

2. Simulation of the proposed lighting arrangement, including visualisations of the lighting outcomes and summaries of the expected performance.

3. Documentation of the proposed lighting and outcomes, including luminaire layouts (which can be used for installation).

4. Demonstration of compliance with standards, ensuring a smooth consent and/or sign-off for lighting. (Ecopoint lighting designs are aligned with the methods and requirements of the AS/NZS 1680 and AS/NZS 1158 series of lighting standards, the New Zealand Building Code and NZS 4243, as relevant).


Lighting Design Customers

Ecopoint creates lighting designs for a variety of customers and sites throughout New Zealand, including Animates, City Fitness, Bed Bath and Beyond, Foodstuffs (New World/Pak'nSave Supermarkets), Stride Property and more.


Lighting Design Projects

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