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LED lighting from Ecopoint forms part of smart changes as one of New Zealand’s largest hospitals works towards best-practice energy efficiency.
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Wellington + Kenepuru Hospitals

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Ongoing since 2013

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Hallways, bathrooms, patient inspection rooms, wards, bedheads, carparks and more


Capital & Coast District Health Board, comprising Wellington Regional Hospital and Kenepuru Community Hospital, services catchment area of 300,000 people.

Hospital operations present a unique challenge:  large buildings, operating around the clock, with a wide variety of activities. They have huge energy needs, and massive associated costs.

Ecopoint has worked with CCDHB since 2013 on a variety of retrofit and refurbishment projects, as they undertake their journey towards a more sustainable future.


CCDHB has undertaken to reduce energy consumption by 40% by 2021. Under their new energy management program, the hospital has committed to replace all older types of lighting technology with LED.

The resulting improvement in efficiency is a better use of tax payer money and is part of being a socially responsible operation. With less maintenance downtime, reduced energy costs, better working environment and increased patient wellbeing, the environmental, social and financials benefits from this stream of work are self-evident.

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“Ecopoint has exceeded all its commitments from the 2013 RFP. Their products have less than 0.5% failure rate and those that do fail are replaced quickly and efficiently”

Leon Clews: Operations Manager, CCDHB


Ecopoint won a tender in 2013 to retro-fit CCDHB’s hallway lighting. To date, over 8,000 LED fittings have been retro-fit around Wellington Hospital.

This hallway retro-fit project, plus subsequent Ecopoint lighting projects are contributing significantly to meeting the energy consumption reduction target and reducing maintenance costs. “We’re finding that the impact on costs and the way we run our maintenance programs has been so substantial that now maintenance staff are actively looking for ways to replace with LED because it makes their life easier and reduces costs. This change in thinking is significant,” explains Operations Manager, Leon Clews.


In this ongoing relationship, a range of Ecopoint LED products are being installed throughout CCDHB sites, including:

  • Wards 5 North + South and 6 East: Ecopoint hospital bedhead lighting and panel lighting for the main hallways.
  • Carparks: Exterior lighting solutions such as Tri-proof and floodlights.
  • Operating Theatres: Specialist theatre lighting solutions to assist diagnosis and staff comfort levels. Ecopoint’s Cyanosis Tube was developed in conjunction with EECA specifically for CCDHB. Read more.
  • Patient Inspection Rooms + Bathrooms: Ecopoint downlights.
  • Plant Rooms: Ecopoint High Bays.
  • General Corridors: J-series LED tubes for fluorescent replacement