Light Shelf (Refrigeration)

LED solutions specifically designed for commercial refrigeration applications, with retro-fit and OEM options, all designed to make your products look incredible.
Light Shelf (Refrigeration)

Light Shelf (Refrigeration)

Ecopoint's Light Shelf solutions offer the ultimate in diffuse feature illumination of shelf-based displays. Available in either single or double-sided configurations, these low-profile illuminated surfaces can be placed straight on top of existing shelf hardware or incorporated into custom shelf designs. Compatible with Ecopoint's versatile power strip connectivity system, the magnet-secured power supply cable can be neatly routed to an adjacent Power Strip and connected to the power supply through a simple twist and clip motion. The dimensions of the Light Shelf can be customised and flux and colour temperature can be tailored to suit your specific applications.


Retail Refrigeration, Retail Display, Retail Shelving, Hospitality


Power Factor:
Electrical Input:


3 years
Ingress Protection:
IP20, IP65
PRODUCT CODE DIMENSION (mm) POWER Luminous Flux Optic/Beam Colour Temperature Colour Rending Index
LSSSIP20 550x200mm 13 W 1260 lm
LSDSIP20 550x200mm 13 W 1200 lm
LSDSIP65 550x200mm 13 W 1200 lm

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