Green Tube

Green Tube

Green Tube

Complimenting the Cyanosis Tube retrofit LED option for operating theatres, the Green Tube variant supports visual comfort for medical staff operating in a dimmed theatre environment. The saturated green light provides adequate illumination for safe movement around the theatre without compromising the visibility of video displays. With the same extended lifespan of Ecopoint's white-light LED tubes, this option provides further technical capability from a simple lamp retrofit approach.


Operating Theatres


Power Factor:
Electrical Input:
220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz


5 years
Aluminium (extruded)
Life Prediction (hrs):
L70 113,000 hrs
Ingress Protection:
PRODUCT CODE DIMENSION (mm) POWER Luminous Flux Optic/Beam Colour Temperature Colour Rending Index
EJCGK600 598 x 26 mm 11W 600 lm 120 deg
EJCGK900 898 x 26 mm 17W 900 lm 120 deg
EJCGK1200 1198 x 26 mm 20W 1,100 lm 120 deg
EJCGK1500 1498 x 26 mm 24W 1,300 lm 120 deg