Full-Spectrum Panel G2

Full-Spectrum Panel G2

Full-Spectrum Panel G2

The Full Spectrum G2 (Healthcare) series of panels provide options where enhanced colour performance is required. Tight specifications on the LED chips produce high colour rendering values and a Cyanosis Observation Index (COI) value which satisfies the requirements of AS/NZS 1680.2.5. Whether the standard IP20 model is sufficient or the higher protection IP65 model is required, these thin form-factor luminaires can be use in places where ceiling void space is limited. Surface-mounting and plaster-recess options are also available (with optional frame) in both 600x600 and 300x1200 sizes.


Healthcare, Commercial, Retail


Power Factor:
Electrical Input:
220-240V AC / 50-60 Hz


5 years
Aluminium (extruded), Arcylic (PMMA)
Metal Finish:
Standard Mounting:
Standard Mounting:
Life Prediction (hrs):
L80 > 70,000 hrs (B10)
Ingress Protection:
IP20, IP65
Impact Protection:
PRODUCT CODE DIMENSION (mm) POWER Luminous Flux Optic/Beam Colour Temperature Colour Rending Index
EFS6X6W36W940G2-LG 595 x 595 x 11 mm 36W 3,500 lm UGR<19 4000K ≥95
EFS3X12W36W940G2-LG 295 x 1195 x 11 mm 36W 3,550 lm UGR<19 4000K ≥95
EFS1X12W20W940G2-LG 145 x 1195 x 11 mm 20W 1,500 lm UGR<19 4000K ≥95
EFS3X12W54W940G2-LG 295 x 1195 x 11 mm 54W 4,800 lm UGR<19 4000K ≥95
EFS6X6W54W940G2-LG 595 x 595 x 11 mm 54W 4,950 lm UGR<19 4000K ≥95
EFS6X6W36W940G2-IP65 595 x 595 x 11 mm 36W 3,450 lm 4000K ≥95
EFS3X12W36W940G2-IP65 295 x 1195 x 11 mm 36W 3,500 lm 4000K ≥95
EFS6X6W54W940G2-IP65 595 x 595 x 11 mm 50W 4,800 lm 4000K ≥95
EFS3X12W54W940G2-IP65 295 x 1195 x 11 mm 50W 4,750 lm 4000K ≥95

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