Ecopoint specialises in the specification, design, procurement and supply of quality LED lighting products, with a focus on excellent price performance. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of FOS Lighting (Pty) Ltd and have more than 10 years’ experience bringing sustainable LED lighting solutions to New Zealand businesses.

L1 / 2 Jarden Mile, Ngauranga, Wellington 6035

  • Sculptural Feature Lighting
  • Hand-crafted, bespoke
  • Exterior Urban and Roadway
  • Precision and serviceability
  • Architectural, Retail and Exterior
  • MOTOLUX motorised lighting
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Bespoke and retrofit products
  • Street and Urban Smart Poles
  • IoT Smart City Infrastructure
  • Museum and Gallery lighting
  • Specialty display applications
  • Architectural, Retail and Residential
  • Beauty, function and sustainability
  • Exterior and Architectural
  • Facade and submersible
  • Large-format LED Displays
  • Wall, corner, curved, exterior
  • Linear and Curved profiles
  • Customisable / made to order
  • Exterior Urban and Landscape
  • Extensive range, large to small